Distance between Tehran and Isfahan

Traveling from Tehran to Isfahan is one of the most attractive and pleasant trips in Iran. Because in the path of these two cities, there are many tourist places for Iranian and foreign travelers to visit. The most amazing attraction on the way from Tehran to Isfahan is this beautiful route. You can benefit from renting a car from CafeeRent in Isfahan. The distance from Tehran to Isfahan is 5 hours (without rest), but in case of rest on the way, it takes a maximum of 10 hours.

Distance from Tehran to Isfahan

There are 3 routes between Tehran and Isfahan, each of which has different distances. Isfahan road is one of the busiest intercity routes in Iran. There are beautiful cities along these routes. You can visit these attractive places on the way from Tehran to Isfahan by renting a car. The distance from Tehran to Isfahan is estimated according to the choice of one of the routes and the type of your vehicle. The distance between Tehran and Isfahan is exactly 450 km (the distance from Tehran to Qom is 148 km). The road from Tehran to Isfahan is desert and may not be very attractive to you, we suggest you visit the cities between the two cities.

Travel time from Tehran to Isfahan

The distance from Tehran to Isfahan without rest is about 5 hours. But if you want to relax on the way and visit the tourist attractions of Kashan, you are 10 hours away. Join us so that you can visit and enjoy the cities between Tehran and Isfahan by renting a car.

Cities between Tehran and Isfahan

Qom city

This journey begins with a journey from Tehran to Qom. The route from Tehran to Qom is 148 km and you will be on the Tehran-Qom road for approximately one hour and 52 minutes. By reading this article, you can plan your trip so that you do not get bored in the middle of the road and record a memorable trip in your memories. Arriving at the pilgrimage city of Qom, you can advance your plan as follows:

  • Religious and historical places: such as visiting the shrine of Imam Masoumeh
  • Old Bazaar of Qom, Qom Bazaar is one of the old bazaars in Iran in terms of architecture. Four souks, Timcheh, Sara and Rasteh
  • Zand Historical House, Old Museums and Libraries and Manuscripts
  • Mulla Sadra's house, a place for a mystical journey
  • Yazdanpanah house, from museum to restaurant

After visiting these beautiful, recreational, and pilgrimage places, you can enjoy quality restaurants in Qom for lunch or dinner.

Kashan city

The next route that you will have between Tehran and Isfahan is the city of Kashan, with its special tourist attractions, it has been able to attract all travelers and tourists. The route from Qom to Kashan is 112 km, which takes about an hour and 19 minutes to reach your destination. Kashan is located after Qom in the distance between Tehran and Isfahan. It is famous for its city of flowers, roses, perfumes, and old and historical houses. After Qom, the guide of Rent Cafe intends to reach Kashan, the city of cool corridors. Spectacular attractions of Kashan:

  • Silk Hill
  • Boroujerdi House in Kashan
  • Tabatabai's house in Kashan
  • Ameri House in Kashan
  • Kashan traditional market
  • Mirahmad Kashan Bath
  • Abbasid House
  • Tomb of Sohrab Sepehri in Kashan
  • Aghabzorg Mosque in Kashan
  • Qamar Kashan
  • Kashan Bazaar is one of the most important historical monuments of Kashan, which has about 40 historical monuments.
  • Excursion in Aran and Bidgol

After Kashan, after 18 minutes drive to Aran and Bidgol, this attractive city has made the distance from Tehran to Isfahan interesting for you. Aran and Bidgol is a city with various and spectacular attractions that are historical attractions and taken from its nature. Which has attracted many tourists and archaeologists. By renting a car with a driver, you can visit and tour the tourist attractions between Tehran and Isfahan with ease. Places to visit Aran Bidgol:

  • Ghazi Aran and Bidgol Mosque
  • Maranjab Caravanserai
  • Tomb of Imamzadeh Mohammad Hilal
  • Head bath of Aran and Bidgol
  • Maranjab desert
  • Yakub no-hunting area

Excursion in Isfahan

Tour in Isfahan, after several days and tour and travel from Tehran to Isfahan, you finally reached the main destination. By renting a car, Cafe Rent was able to cover the distance between Tehran and Isfahan by having a good time and without going through tourist attractions and places, from all historical, religious and other places. Visit on the way and make a memorable and experienced trip for yourself and your companions.

The historical square of the role of the world

Naghsh Jahan Square, also known as Imam Square. It is one of the oldest and most visited places in Isfahan. Undoubtedly, many of the ancient monuments of this city are in Naghsh Jahan Square. This field has been subjected to a lot of suffering and tenderness in order to become like this today and remain stable. But it is fortunate that today we have this square with its grandeur and pride and it is a place of Iranian and foreign tourism. You have to remember an important and fundamental point about the role of John and it is our pride and that is the registration of this square in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Imam Mosque in Isfahan

Other names of the Grand Mosque are the Shah Mosque, which is the name of the Grand Mosque, Soltani Mosque, and Imam Mosque. The Grand Mosque is one of the Islamic and historical monuments of Islamic Iran. Which was built in the Safavid period. The Shah Mosque was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on December 6, 1961, with registration number 107. This Islamic and historical building has unique workmanship and architecture in the 11th century AH

Forty Pillars Palace of Isfahan

Chehelston Palace or Chehel Soton Museum Garden is from the Safavid period in the old city of Isfahan, where Shah Abbas I built a forty-column palace by building a pavilion. Chehel Soton Palace is one of the most popular and attractive tourist places in Isfahan, and every year many travelers from all over the world travel to Isfahan for the religion of these historical monuments. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque This mosque is located in Naghsh Jahan Square in Isfahan and is one of the unique, amazing, and spectacular architectures in its period so far. Because of the color and the type of architecture that is unique. One of the unique sights of Naghsh Jahan Square is putting your finger in your mouth. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was built by Mohammad Reza Isfahani with its gray and unique dome and is a wonderful combination of two arts of tiling and architecture.

Car rental in Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the oldest cities in Iran. This city has been welcomed by Iranian and foreign tourists. Car rental in Isfahan provides services to applicants for self-driven and chauffeur rentals. To find out the price and conditions of car rental in Isfahan, you can contact our sales experts and receive the necessary instructions.

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