Dizin ski resort in Tehran

Dizin ski resort in Tehran

One of the most thrilling winter sports is skiing, which has its devotees. In this article, we'll introduce the Dizin ski resort, one of Iran's most significant ski resorts, and offer helpful information to readers and ski enthusiasts.

Some individuals believe that the only seasons for fun are the spring and summer.

However, there is a subset of people who venture outside even on the coldest days of the month. The Dizin ski resort, which has drawn numerous enthusiasts for many years, is now well-known both within Iran and abroad.

Nothing compares to this crowded, smoky city a few kilometers outside of Tehran.

When we arrive at the Dizin ski resort, the snow-covered mountains immediately catch our attention.

For those of us who only see snow occasionally (once or twice a year), this is a rare occurrence. Let's read more about Tehran's top ski area.

Six of the best ski resorts in Iran, which has more than ten, are located in Tehran. These ski runs' amenities are appropriate for all foreign visitors and play a significant role in Iran's tourism industry.

Stay with us for more details about one of the most stunning ski runs at the Dizin ski resort:

The most significant ski resort in the Middle East is called Dizin, and it is situated in the city of Karaj, in the province of Alborz.

The World Ski Association recognized Dizin Ski Resort to host the official competition and hold the worldwide distinction as the first ski resort in Iran.

This track has unique characteristics, such as technical details like tilt, track length, venue, and amenities.

With excellent sporting amenities, the Dizin ski resort is situated in the Alborz mountains and is easily accessible from Tehran at a distance of 123 kilometers from the Chalus road, 74 km from Karaj, and 71 km from the Shemshak route.

Where is the Dizin Ski Resort?

Where is the Dizin Ski Resort

Chalous Road is only an 80-kilometer ride from Tehran's most reputable ski resort.

The area is almost halfway between Mazandaran Province and Tehran.

There is no public transportation accessible, thus driving is the only practical option to reach this resort.

Tochal Ski Resort, Dizin Ski Resort, Sa'ad Abad Complex, Niavaran Palace Complex, Time Museum, and Tajrish Traditional Bazaar are just a few of the nearby attractions.

Dizin Ski Resort Raika's past To see Kish Company has long made investments in building sports and entertainment centers.

Owned by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. This resort has just undergone expansion for improved machinery and development.

As a result, the visitors will take use of the amenities they deserve. This resort stands out because it is the most capable one in the Middle East.

This resort is a recognized international one by the World Federation. Additionally, it is Iran's first and best-equipped ski resort.

The Dizin Ski Resort's architecture

Nearly every winter sport is well-suited to the Dizin Ski Resort.

There are fresh plans for developing new venues for specific sports. There are 23 ski runs, with different types of runs for different tastes.

The ski resort's busiest season starts in November and lasts through the end of April.

5 restaurants, 2 hotels, and 19 huts are some of the resort's additional amenities.

This area has an amazing climate, with winters that are cold enough (-20 degrees Celsius) and summers that are cool (+20 degrees Celsius).

Additionally, summertime grass skiing is an option. It also hosts other summertime activities like kiteboarding, archery, and mountain biking.

All of these benefits have made this resort a distinctive tourist hotspot in the Middle East.

Dining Options Near Dizin Ski Resort

The Gajereh Restaurant and Lotus Restaurant are two nearby options for delicious meals and snacks near Dizin Ski Resort.

Make your way to these locations and stop for a tasty snack in between your explorations!

Accommodations in the Dizin Ski Resort Area

The best lodging options close to Tochal Ski Resort are provided by Apochi: Shemshak Tourist Hotel (2-Star) and Jahangardi Meygoon Hotel (3-Star).

Winter at Dizin Ski Resort: A Variety of Ski Runs

The good news is that the amateur slope is distinct from the professional piste at the Dizin Ski Resort, where you may select from a choice of ski runs.

This is due to the fact that novice skiers should avoid the professional pistes' slope.

Chairlifts and Surface Lifts

Dizin Ski Resort

There are 2 chair lifts and 9 surface lifts at the Dizin Ski Resort. Doppelmayr, Sichel, Gavazni, Vila, Mobtadi (Beginner), Chaman, and Mosabegheh are the surface lifts (race). The Gholleh (peak) and Chaman chairlifts

Ski Academy

A bunch of people visit the Dizin Ski Resort during the National Races to see the snowboarding and grass skiing competitions and fall in love with skiing.

Because of this, a snowboarding and alpine skiing school has been established.

Snowman Festival, third

The Dizin Ski Resort offers more than just skiing. An annual snowman-building competition is also held there.

Where to Buy Ski Gear

If bringing own ski equipment is problematic or you don't have it, you can purchase any necessary ski equipment at Velayat Rud village or Dizin's ski rentals (5 km to the resort).

The resort's rentals have a sizable assortment of carving skis (Salomon, Fisher, Rossignol), but fewer snowboards.

Even Rossignol skis with a 70 mm width are available. Additionally, there are items like beanies, boots, poles, goggles, helmets, pants, coats, and gloves.

The rental facility in Dizin Ski Resort closest to Seven Hostel is the most affordable.

Try Velayat Rud village if you're looking for a property that's less expensive than the resort's rentals.

As a Tourist Village, Dizin

Dizin is a special tourist village for both winter and summer, with pleasant winter weather with a minimum temperature of -20° C and pleasant summer weather with a high of +20° C and convenient access to entertainment and welfare amenities.

Grass skiing competitions are held at Dizin International Ski Resort in the summer. Additionally, Dizin's archery club offers outdoor archery during the spring and summer.

Competitions for archery are also held by the club.

Activities around Dizin Ski Resort

Activities around Dizin Ski Resort

If skiing or grass skiing are not your thing, you can still go hiking around the resort.

The hiking trail is not too challenging and leads to beautiful villages where you may indulge in seasonal fruits and regional dairy.

The settlements are very lush and lovely, including Fasham, Meygun, and Lavasan. There are a lot of places where you may have a satisfying supper.

The top entertainment at the ski resort of Dizin

In the winter, the Dizin ski resort offers a wide range of options, all of which require a separate fee for use.

Be sure to have recreational facilities before you visit this ski resort because you might not be able to partake in any of these activities every day of the year due to weather.

snowboarding and skiing

You may try snow skiing and snowboarding on a 7.5 kilometer ride at the Dizin ski resort.

Dizin is one of the most well-liked ski destinations because of its unique location and the resort's advantages in terms of slope and length, as well as the fact that it has a number of ski resorts for both beginners and experts.

The track will host events at the national and international levels where professional athletes participate due to its unique features.

Winter Park

Professional skiers have added various dramatic movements to an ordinary sport to generate thrilling amusements.

These athletes have a section of the Dizin ski resort dedicated to them, allowing them to put on theatrical acts for their enjoyment.

Happy Park

Families can visit Dizin and take pleasure in the winter atmosphere as well as athletes and skiers.

They receive a special present from the presence of snow sculptures, music, and coffee shops for families and welcoming family groups.


Dizin ski resort

Snowmobiles are motorized, single-seat vehicles that can go swiftly across snow. These vehicles are made to take the place of sleds.

VIP Ski Run Some skiers are afraid to participate in this sport in the crowded bush or to be visible among the throng due to their unique social position.

These persons can also visit the ski resort at Dizin and utilize the specialized amenities there.


In order to see the Disney track, you must drive to Karaj.

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