Travelling to Visadaar waterfall

The clean, fresh yet spotless nature of Visadaar fall located in Gilan province, is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions, with the most incredible sights and views thus many tourists visiting there from all around Iran. Feeling the greatness of the fall through the green leaves of the forest, getting cool at the peak of summer heat, watching the fall from the top and sensing rain drops on the face while approaching it are all the absolute genuine experiences one can have while travelling to Visadaar fall.

The third tallest waterfall in Gilan

North of Iran has always been the destination of most people in different holidays. The forest, greenery and Caspian Sea are the places one can recall when somebody says north. On top of that, taking a trip to the spotless villages located in north has been one of the most incredible options for the journeys almost ever. Waterfall, in Wikipedia, is defined as a spot where a river flows into a valley or hillside from a plateau or other heights speedily. Waterfalls are among those remarkable signs of creation, so if you visit the pages with images of beauties of nature, waterfalls are at the top. If you ever visited a small waterfall, you would have described it as a marvelous yet spotless experience. Now imagine one day you are going to visit the third tallest waterfall in Gilan province and one of the tallest falls in Iran, like Visadaar fall; isn’t it amazing?

Where is Visadaar waterfall?

Visadaar fall which is among beautiful waterfalls in Gilan, is located in Rezvanshahr city. To be more accurate, it is near Oyar village, which is 16 km away from Pareh-sar and in Ardeh village. The fall is supplied by Lamir River at the heart of the forest. To go to Visadaar you need to examine all the routes to north to choose the best yet the fastest route. Visadaar has a great access to other northern cities; like Talesh from north, Khalkhal from west, Caspian Sea from east and Masal and Some-e sara from south.
Travel to Visadaar in the summer
Although summer is hot and burning but it has quite many holidays. Since mountain foots and downhills are suitable for hot seasons, they are meant to be a good destination for the journeys.
As it was said in travelling to summer destinations, Visadaar is of those spots which has fabulous cool weather through hot summer days. You just need to approach the area to benefit from the great weather or you might want to put your feet deep inside its truly cold river to feel the freshness by all means.

The distance from Tehran to Visadaar

As mentioned before, Visadaar is 16 km away from Parehsar thus is in Rezvanshar city. If you would like to take the journey from Tehran, you’d better look into all the routes of Tehran to Gilan province. However, it is estimated to have 413 km e.g., 5 hours and half to drive. If your journey initiates from Karaj, it will be 361 km or 4 hours and half to drive to the waterfall.

Travel to Visadaar from Tehran

Visadaar is such an amazing yet spectacular place to which 413 km length might not seem long! If the journey is started from Tehran, hopefully much of the route is the highway. Moreover, you can drive your own vehicle or use intercity buses. On the other hand, if being comfortable matters to you, you can simply visit Cafeerent website and rent your favorite vehicle for as many days as you wish.
On condition you are not in the mood of driving and prefer to enjoy the sceneries entirely, do not worry! Cafeerent has looktion and offers chauffeur-driven car rentals.

Visadaar Tourist Attractions

Did you know that there is a metal-made bridge over the fall? To experience the height and finding out the greatness of Visadaar fall you just need to pass the bridge and capture terrific photos of yourself and your family as well. Imagine you are standing over a bridge where a river passes underneath and see a jungle in front of yourself; a postal card like image. To name other virtues of this fall, we can refer to the special shapes of the rocks and curved stones which surround the waterfall’s area. Large trees’ roots come out of the land’s surface and shaped a stairway-like path where you can seat, rest and listen to the soothing sound of the water.

Bathing at Visadaar

There is a shallow part, at an area, up the waterfall, where you can bath, though bathing would not be enough for boosting Adrenalin so you might need to approach the point the water’s steep fall over the rocky ledge and feel the 15meter-height of the fall closely thus capturing the moments.

Stay at Visadaar

Since Visadaar is one of the most important tourist attractions of Talesh, it has flourished successfully in recent years, thus some forest cottages have been built to serve tourists with hot drinks and local snacks to gain their energy to keep going. If you like camping, you can simply camp in areas near the waterfall which are suitable for resting or rent one of those cottages neighboring the fall to enjoy welfare amenities. To find a well-equipped hotel or motel you need to go to Talesh or Rezvanshahr. More economic accommodation can be found in Rasht if your next destination is this magnificent city.

Other attractions near Visadaar

People who travel to north of Iran, prefer visiting as many attractions as they can on their way and during their trip. If you are among those, so you will be content if knowing that a trip to Visadaar will result in visiting many spectacular sights like Masaal, Heyran passway, Asalem to Khalkhal dreamy road, Fandoghloo forest and Lisaar castle.

Gisoom to Visadaar Distant

Gisoom beach and forest is one of the eye-catching yet attractive areas in north of Iran which has been fully described previously. It is only 30 km from Gisoom to Visadaar, thus you can see both in one day.

Necessities for a trip to Visadaar

If you want to travel in summer and spring, you have to bring camping essentials like sleeping bag, tent, travel gas and sufficient amount of water which you need while on a trip. In winter you require warm clothes, proper shoes and pullover or woolen clothes.

How to travel in a group

Many travel agencies offer Visadaar tours so you can simply plan for this attractive sight with your companions. However, if you want to travel individually, we offer Van rentals as well.

Best time to travel to Visadaar

Since Visadaar is quite cool compared to neighboring parts, then spring and summer are the best seasons for visiting. Although we mentioned in 10 attractive destinations to travel in May, it will be awesome in that time. Visadaar is also great in autumn and winter, but you have to be cautious about cold weather and have all the necessities with yourself.

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