Why travel to Kish Island

Travel to Kish Island, which is a special offer of CafeeRent for its special and luxury travelers. Car rental in Kish for Rent Cafe is one of the most special and popular services for travelers. Kish Island has earned the title of the pearl of the Persian Gulf for its unique beauty and remarkable charms.

There are some ways to travel to Kish Island. you can fly there and for surfing in kish, you can rent a car in kish with the best price and easy terms. The other way is driving to kish from Tehran, In this way, you can visit all the beautiful cities on your way to Kish.

Kish Island needs a map and travel plan. Renting a car with a rental cafe to travel to Kish Island is one of the special and unique services of this company. CafeeRent experts will accompany you during the trip with careful planning by renting a car with or without a driver. Kish sights along with renting a car with a driver will allow you to proceed according to the pre-prepared plan and map, and you can travel safely and visit all the unique sights of Kish.

Water entertainment

If you are one of those people who like to have water fun on your trip. Kish will be the best place for you with water activities such as parasailing, jet-skiing, diving and... Services related to this type of special entertainment are rented in CafeeRent a car. You can rent a car in Kish or rent the car at your own expense and visit these places with or without a driver.

cycling line

Cycling is one of the most popular travel moments for anyone. The cycling route in Kish is one of the longest and most beautiful cycling routes in that area. You can rent a car with the driver of CafeeRent to go to this place safely and get off in any direction of your car and walk the rest of the way with a rental bike. To rent a car in Kish for your trip to Kish, you can refer to the site and enter the car rental section of Kish and cars that are specific to the Kish region.

Greece ship

Greek ship is one of the most visited and amazing sights of Kish that CafeeRent Company offers to Kish travelers by renting a Kish car. If you are interested in photography and the photography profession, be sure to share it with our experts so that you can plan to photograph this huge ship. The minimum time to rent a car in Kish is one day. You can even rent a car while traveling.

Coral Beach

Coral Beach is another offer of CafeeRent for its tourists and travelers. You can travel to Kish coral beach by renting a car with or without a driver. One of the most amazing tourist places of Kish is its coral beach. Each island with its shores becomes an island, which Kish Island also has special properties. To rent a car to visit the coral beaches, it is enough to be informed by our experts, because the coral beach needs a special car.

Twin reservoir

Twin Reservoir is another and the eighth offer of CafeeRent for its customers and travelers. Rent a car cafe tries to provide the best services to its tourists with its special offers, one of which is the offer of the best and most amazing tourist places on Kish Island.

green Tree

Green Tree is another CafeeRent offer for your favorite travelers. The green tree in Kish is about 600 years old. Many people believe in this tree and come here for their needs and close the so-called green pitchers, and some believe because they believe that they will reach their needs. This tree has very thick and strong branches. Which will make his viewers wonder and point fingers.

Dolphin Park

Dolphin Park will be the most attractive offer of CafeeRent to you, your loyal customers, this season. Dolphin Park has appropriated about 170 hectares of Jarireh Kish. Which includes: all kinds of dolphins, sea lions, etc. Luxury and modern car rental in Kish is one of the most popular services of CafeeRent.

But you should know that due to the international and special area of ​​this region of Iran, most luxury cars are offered at reasonable and special prices compared to Tehran. You can enjoy luxury and modern cars on Kish Island at a reasonable cost, which includes the following cars:

  • Kia Sportage
  • Suzuki
  • Santa Fe
  • Prado
  • Tucson

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