Strange laws of Dubai

Strange laws of Dubai

Dubai is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with a reputation for top-notch hotels, luxury shopping, and dining experiences.

This city has also become a dream destination for tourists due to its breathtaking beach, eye-catching architecture, and friendly environment.

Does not matter what is your aim for the journey to Dubai, from honeymoon to a family trip, Dubai will fulfill your expectation.

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On the other hand, Dubai is a strange city, to say the least.

There are some bizarre laws in Dubai that you might not know about unless you've lived there for a while.

If you're planning a trip to this city or already live there, here are some tips on what is legal—and what is not:

1. Public Display of Affection

Public Display of Affection

Public displays of affection (PDA) are illegal in Dubai and may be punished with imprisonment or deportation.

These laws include kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc.

The punishment for breaking this law depends on the nationality of the offenders and what they're doing when they are caught—whether it's just kissing or something more risqué like sharing an intimate moment in public (no matter where you are).

If you're visiting Dubai as a tourist and want to do some PDA while there but not get arrested or deported, try avoiding crowded areas and public parks where there are lots of people around to witness your act.

moreover, it is better to know that PAD laws in Dubai get more rigid during Ramadan.

2. being drunk in public

being drunk in public

The UAE is home to some pretty unique laws and regulations.

While most of these laws may seem strange to an outsider, they're actually there for a reason.

One such law is the fact that public intoxication and fighting are punishable by jail time.

It's not uncommon for tourists or expats in Dubai to get into an argument with someone else while out on the town drinking alcohol;

however, those who fail to keep their cool while under the influence could be facing jail time as well!

The same goes if you're found drunk in public:

if police catch you stumbling around without a care in the world—or worse, getting into fights—you could be facing up to a year behind bars (yes, really).

3. Dressing code in Dubai

Dressing code in Dubai

In Dubai, men and women should dress conservatively in public, covering themselves from shoulders to knees.

Women must wear a hijab, or headscarf in some public places and holy ones, while men should wear long pants and shirts that cover their arms.

Shorts are not allowed for either gender; this rule extends even to children's attire.

Women are also not allowed to wear skirts above the knee or show their hair in public—no bikini tops either! Men have fewer clothing restrictions:

tank tops are fine for them but not for women (though it's worth noting that many tourists don't adhere strictly enough).

4. Living with someone you’re not married to

Living with someone you’re not married to

It's illegal to live in Dubai with someone you're not married to. That might seem like a pretty obvious law, but it's actually more complicated than that.

You can't just move into a house or apartment with a partner of the same sex.

If you're single and looking for somewhere to stay for a while, then it's actually against the law for anyone to rent an apartment for you unless they're your parents or siblings.

If you do have friends who offer their place as temporary accommodation during your time in Dubai, make sure that any arrangements are put down on paper so everyone knows what they're getting themselves into!

5. Flushing the toilet after 10 p.m.

In Dubai, it is illegal to flush the toilet after 10 pm.

This law exists in order to prevent flooding and wasting of water—so that, as the city's website states, "citizens may enjoy a peaceful night's sleep."

This law also exists in many other countries around the world; however, it is less common in Western cities than in Asian ones.

6. Eating or drinking on public transport

Eating or drinking on public transport

Eating or drinking on public transport is illegal in Dubai.

Violators will be fined 100 AED (about $27). The law was introduced to stop people from littering, but it has been widely abused by the police.

The rules are enforced by the Dubai Police’s Public Transport Security Command, which recently conducted a campaign called “No Eating and Drinking on Trains.”

The campaign involved officers stopping people who were not following the rules and giving them fines.

The fines apply to both passengers and drivers alike.

If a driver is caught eating while driving, he will receive a fine of 500 AED (about $136).

furthermore, chewing gum or spitting in public can get you fined or sentenced to prison time.

If you're a gum-chewer, it's best to keep your habit under wraps in Dubai.

Gum is considered a public nuisance, and chewing or spitting it out in public can get you fined and/or sentenced to prison time.

If your gum ends up stuck on the streets or sidewalks of Dubai, the municipality may fine you for littering.

According to Dubai Municipality rules and regulations, "Chewing gum should not be left anywhere on beaches or in parks," as this can be harmful to the environment.

7. Using swear words on WhatsApp

Using swear words on WhatsApp

The UAE is a conservative country and it's important that you respect the culture.

Using F words and swearing is considered a crime in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Saudi Arabia.

The UAE has strict regulations regarding the use of obscene or offensive language on the Internet and other forms of communication.

According to Article 331 of the UAE Penal Code, anyone who uses any “indecent language” on the Internet or any other form of communication can be imprisoned for up to three years and fined no more than AED 500,000 ($160,000).

In Saudi Arabia, using “indecent language” is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to SR10 million ($2 million).

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), "using foul language or offensive expressions" is considered cursing.

The TRA states that it will take strict legal action against anyone who uses obscene words during their conversations on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The law applies to all residents inside the country, including expats and tourists visiting Dubai for business or leisure purposes.

8. Checking someone’s phone

Checking someone’s phone

In the UAE, the law on phone privacy is pretty clear; it’s illegal to look at someone else’s mobile phone without their permission.

If you get caught doing so, you could face a fine of up to AED10,000 (US$2,700).

This means that even if your partner has lost their phone and you want to check it for them, you can’t do so without their express permission.

This applies even if you think they might be cheating on you or using drugs.

You cannot go through their personal messages or photos without their permission – it is considered an invasion of privacy by law enforcement agencies.

The same applies if a friend or family member loses or leaves behind their phone at home; don’t go through their messages or photos unless they give you explicit permission to do so.

9. Carrying foods containing poppy seeds

Carrying foods containing poppy seeds

If you are traveling to Dubai and planning to carry food items containing poppy seeds, then you should be aware of the fact that it is illegal in the UAE.

Poppy seeds are found in bread, pastries, and other food items.

They are also used in cooking many dishes that include desserts such as cakes and muffins.

The use of poppy seeds in cooking has been banned in the UAE due to their addictive nature which can leads to addiction when consumed.

The use of poppy seeds is strictly prohibited in Dubai and anyone who is caught carrying them could face severe penalties including a jail sentence as well as having their belongings confiscated by custom officers at airports or border crossings.

10. Dubai Laws on Fundraising

Dubai Laws on Fundraising

Fundraising is illegal in Dubai. If you are caught doing it, you can face jail time, fines of between AED 250,000 and AED 500,000, or possibly deportation.

In the UAE, any kind of donation must be approved by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD).

This is to make sure that any money collected is used for charitable purposes only and not for personal gain or profit.

so, it is illegal to collect donations without permission from IACAD.

if you have started a charity that does not yet have permission from IACAD, then you may be breaking the law.

11. Having an unclean car

Having an unclean car

If you are a car owner in Dubai, it is important to keep your car clean.

Not only does it make the vehicle look good, but also helps prevent fines and penalties from the authorities.

Car owners who fail to maintain their vehicles properly could be fined up to AED 5,000.

Moreover, it is illegal to wash your car at the beach or in any public place in Dubai.

The Dubai Municipality has been implementing a policy of issuing fines to those who wash their cars in inappropriate places.

12. taking photos of people without their consent

taking photos of people without their consent

Taking photos of individuals without their permission is illegal in Dubai.

The law, however, does not just apply to people but also extends to other entities like buildings, vehicles, and even animals.

It does not matter whether you do it for personal or commercial purposes; the law states that you must seek permission from the subject before taking a photo.

According to Section 1 of Law no 4 of 2012 Relating to the Protection of Personal Data, “any person who violates the provisions of this law shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years and/or a fine not exceeding Dh500,000” The same law also states that those found guilty will be fined between Dh3,000 and Dh30,000 depending on their offence.

13. Gossiping


Making and spreading rumors is considered a crime in Dubai.

It is a serious offence that could land you in jail for up to two years or a fine up to Dhs1,000,000.

The law applies to anyone who "makes or transmits a false statement concerning an individual's honor, good reputation or financial status."

The law also prohibits spreading rumors that may cause damage to someone's reputation or spread fear among the public.

The punishment for this offense can vary depending on the gravity of the case and whether it was done intentionally.


So, there you have it! The strangest laws of Dubai to keep in mind if you're living and working in Dubai or traveling there.

If you don't follow these laws, then you could end up in big trouble - so it's best to know them before going there.

We hope this blog post has helped answer some of your questions about life in Dubai, and we wish you good luck on your journey!

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