Top 10 hotels in Iran

Top hotels in Iran

Despite all these shocks, Iranians are famed for their warmth, which has encouraged the development of warm resorts and exceptional hotels to welcome visitors around Iran, hotels that uniquely capture the distinctive art and architecture of this exceptional region.

Although Iran's history with hospitality goes back as far as its civilization, the country's hospitality sector is still relatively young. In this post, we've attempted to list the top 10 hotels in Iran based on feedback from our clients and tourists in 2021:

Best Hotels in Iran

Most people claim that Iran and its natural beauty are so alluring and distinctive that they entice tourists from around the world to come here.

You would be fascinated by this four-season nation's beauties, which range from architectural marvels to strolling through the Caspian Region's lush woods to the pleasure of dozing beneath a starry desert sky.

Various undiscovered landscapes have also appeared.

1- Kish Toranj Hotel

Kish Toranj Hotel

One of Iran's most stunning beach vacation spots is Kish Island. Because of this, it offers distinctive visitor amenities, including lodging and entertainment.

One of the finest hotels in Iran and the first hotel in the Middle East to be built over the water is the 5-star Toranj Hotel in Kish. Its style was influenced by resorts in the Maldives and the Caribbean.

There are two parts to this lovely five-star seaside hotel. Suites with private terraces and glass floors in one section allow guests to see the ocean below them.

The second phase consists of a beachfront hotel with tastefully furnished rooms and distinctive amenities on the lovely coastline of Kish.

Excellent services and facilities include a kids club, a spa, massage and fitness centers, a gym, and beach eateries and coffee shops with a stunning view of the Persian Gulf.

Notably, golf automobiles are employed for convenience in traveling.

It's interesting to note that the hotel was given the National Department of Environment's first-ever and only award for environmentally friendly lodging.

2- Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

Kish Toranj Hotel

One of Tehran's posh hotels, Espinas Palace Hotel is situated in a posh area.

This five-star hotel is one of the most opulent in Iran because of its cutting-edge amenities and distinctive architecture.

In addition, the Espinas Palace Hotel provides its visitors with a distinctive view of Tehran city as a result of its specific geographic location.

The 400 opulent rooms and suites of this 20-story hotel have exquisite decor and a variety of chic restaurants, including French, Thai, Mediterranean, and traditional Iranian eateries.

A gorgeous swimming pool, a retail center, a gym, and a massage parlor are some of the additional hotel amenities.

3- Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

The Wisteria Hotel is an international 5-star establishment that opened in Tehran in 2019.

It was designed by Iranian and Canadian architects. The hotel's structure, which has 12 stories above ground and 8 underground, offers 98 rooms and suites. Notably, the lodging options at the Wisteria Hotel are dispersed from the fourth to the tenth levels.

The Wisteria Hotel is one of Tehran's newest luxury hotels and one of Iran's top hotels overall.

It is situated in a magnificent and elevated area of northern Tehran. As a result, the Wisteria Hotel's opulent rooms provide breathtaking views of the city and Alborz Mountain.

In addition, our hotel offers quick access to numerous stunning tourist destinations, significant shopping and entertainment districts, hiking trails, and museums.

Saadabad Palace, Niavaran Palace, Ferdows Garden, Cinema Museum, National Car Museum, Time Museum, shopping and entertainment districts like Palladium, Tandis, and Ghaem, and recreational areas like Darband, Drake, and Shemshak Piste are just a few of the Tehran attractions that are close to the hotel.

The 5-star Wisteria Hotel's amenities include elegant dining establishments, cafes, banquet rooms, a shopping mall, an indoor pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a fully-stocked gym, a massage parlor, a Turkish bath, etc.

4- Almas Hotel 2 in Mashhad

Almas Hotel 2 in Mashhad

The 2017-built Almas Hotel 2 in Mashhad is another five-star luxury hotel in Iran.

With 216 rooms spread across 26 stories, Almas Hotel 2's architecture blends several architectural eras, including the ancient Iranian, Russian, Turkish, Roman, African, and Arabic.

This hotel has been transformed into an international art museum as a result of the diversity of its architecture.

The multi-purpose halls, the panorama rotating restaurant, the sports and leisure facilities, the complimentary airport transportation, the coffee shops, the massage parlor, the water complex (for kids and adults), and the retail center are just a few of the features offered by this luxury hotel in Iran.

Last but not least, Almas Hotel 2 is ideally situated in Mashhad, making it simple to reach the Imam Reza Holy Shrine, the train, the airport, the local markets, and historical sites.

5- Dariush Grand Hotel on Kish Island

Dariush Grand Hotel on Kish Island

TOn a 12-hectare plot of ground close to the East Coast, northeast of Kish Island, the 5-star Dariush Grand Hotel was constructed in 2003.

The architecture of the Dariush Grand Hotel, one of the finest hotels in the world and a top luxury hotel in Iran, showcases the splendor of ancient Iranian civilization and culture.

As a result, the hotel's name, Dariush (the old Persian ruler), comes from the Persepolis-inspired design of its statues, columns, lithographs, etc.

Dariush Hotel is now a museum hotel as a result of its construction, design, and interior decor.

The 184 rooms, suites, and opulent cabanas of this museum hotel provide views of the garden and the ocean.

The Dariush Hotel offers a variety of dining options and coffee shops, an outdoor pool with views of the Persian Gulf, a tennis court, a gym, a paintball range, complimentary airport transportation, a billiards room, a massage and spa area, etc.

The Kish Dolphin Park, on the other hand, is close to the Dariush Hotel and features a saltwater aquarium, a bird garden, a green area with various plant species, and a traditional restaurant.

6- Shiraz Grand Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel of Shiraz is the ideal choice if you want to experience a magnificent stay in the center of Iranian literature and civilization.

One of the top hotels in Iran, Shiraz Grand Hotel is situated 15 minutes from the main Shiraz attractions in the city's north, next to the Quran Gate.

When arriving in Shiraz, every onlooker is drawn to the stunning hotel's ship-shaped view.

Shiraz Grand Hotel also has the best amenities, including top-notch restaurants and coffee shops, well-equipped entertainment and fitness facilities, a sauna, and a swimming pool. This hotel has four dining options, including Italian, Iranian, international, and seafood.

Luxurious, comfortable, and well-equipped rooms are all available.

However, the east side rooms have a beautiful panorama of the city skyline. The hotel's multilingual staff is also there to help you at any time while you're there.

7- Isfahan Parsian Kowsar Hotel

Isfahan Parsian Kowsar Hotel

One of the luxury hotels in Iran is the 5-star Parsian Kowsar Hotel, which is situated in Isfahan and has a view of the Sio-Se Pol Bridge.

The hotel is a shining gem in the middle of the city with a distinctive setting and a beautiful view of the Zayandehrood river.

For more than 40 years, the Parsian Kowsar Hotel, which was formerly a member of the Sheraton hotel brand, has offered its visitors banqueting services of the highest caliber.

A beautiful garden, five distinct restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, a sports club with a jacuzzi, a gym, a billiards and table tennis room, etc are just a few of the hotel's amenities.

In addition to being one of Iran's opulent hotels, it offers quick access to a number of Isfahan landmarks, including Chaharbagh Street, Chehel Sotoun Palace, and Naghsh-e Jahan Square.

The 2004 renovation of the Parsian Kowsar International Hotel also saw the addition of 40 opulent rooms and suites to the 130 existing rooms.

The Firouzeh section is the name of this new portion.

Finally, Iran's national standards authority awarded the Isfahan Parsian Kowsar Hotel the national standard in 2017 and made it the country's first 5-star hotel.

8- Kaya Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz

The 5-star Laleh Park hotel, a member of the Turkish Kaya hotel group, has been operating in Tabriz since 2016. One of the best hotels in Iran, this one has 220 rooms spread across 17 stories.

The Laleh Park Hotel provides a quiet, clean, and tranquil ambiance while being somewhat removed from the city center and some of Tabriz's attractions.

The Laleh Park Hotel's amenities include bars and eateries, a clinic, a water sports facility with a pool and sauna, a gym, a spa, and a massage room, among others.

It is interesting that hotel guests are not charged to use the athletic facilities. Notably, the 126 brand-name stores of the opulent Laleh Park shopping mall are right close to the hotel.

Finally, visitors to this upscale hotel expressed satisfaction with the quietness of the establishment, the cleanliness of the rooms, the caliber of the breakfast, and the friendliness of the employees.

9- Tehran Parsian Azadi Hotel

Tehran Parsian Azadi Hotel

When we ask our grandparents about the most opulent hotel in Tehran, they typically mention the International Hyatt Hotel, now known as the Parsian Azadi Hotel.

One of Iran's first five-star hotels, it still upholds the standards that distinguished visitors from around the world choose.

The majestic Alborz Mountains and the city are visible from the 475 rooms on 26 stories of this five-star luxury hotel in Tehran's north. The hotel has six distinct eateries, as well as opulent banquet facilities, etc.

In addition, Parsian Azadi Hotel, one of Iran's five-star hotels, has the best sports club and is the only one with the "pool health certification" level.

Additionally, it has a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, massage rooms, and other amenities.

It's interesting to note that the Parsian Azadi Hotel is referred to be Iran's Green Hotel due to its integrated energy-saving system.

10- Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad

Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad

The Imam Reza Holy Shrine is the most revered Muslim shrine in Iran, and it is located in Mashhad, a holy city. As a result, staying close to the Imam Reza Holy Shrine is important to pilgrims visiting this city.

Due to its close proximity to the shrine and magnificent architecture, the Darvish Hotel in Mashhad is one of Iran's five-star luxury hotels and the most well-liked lodging option in the city.

The largest atrium hotel with a glass façade in Iran, this luxury 25-story hotel was constructed in accordance with the most recent international hotel standards.

Each room and suite in this hotel has a distinctive decor and modern conveniences. It's interesting to note that the design of each floor was influenced by elements of Indian, Roman, Arabic, and Egyptian architecture.

The Mashhad Darvish Hotel also offers a variety of international dining options, a water sports complex, and a massage and wellness facility.

Last but not least, the hotel offers complimentary round-trip transportation to the airport, train station, and shrine.


Finally, a vehicle is necessary for traveling to and exploring many cities in Iran.

You can rent a car in Iran by heading to the website.

Additionally, after hiring the necessary vehicle, you can travel to several Iranian cities and select one of these hotels to stay in while on your trip.

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