Every aspect of Shiraz

Every aspect of Shiraz

Shiraz, the heart and soul of Persian culture for millennia, is one of the most popular tourist sites in Iran today, and for good reason—it offers an abundance of cultures, antiquities, cuisine, and local life to pique the curiosity of even the most jaded tourists for a few days.

Shiraz has a long history of being renowned for the high caliber of its namesake wine, which is currently prohibited in the Islamic Republic, but it still has a lot to offer those who are prepared to put in the effort to get here.

Life is never boring here because there are so many students and educational institutions, and if you venture outside of the historic city (especially in North Shiraz), you'll discover a nearly entirely different world full of western chains, girls who don't wear hijabs, and some of the largest shopping malls in Iran.

If you move quickly, you can see the historic city's highlights in a single day, but it will take you a few more days to compete with other day trips and see all the highlights.

Shiraz may seem like a smoggy, congested city at first, but once you know where to look, it will win you over and leave you asking for more, more, and more!

10 of the best historical places in Shiraz

Shiraz has the best historical places, we will get to know 12 of them below.

the best historical places in Shiraz

1- Vakil Bazaar

Old Shiraz is a patchwork of ancient bazaars, but Vakil distinguishes out for its grandeur and status. With more than 200 shops selling everything from spices, rugs, and apparel to gold and handicrafts along with majestic arched avenues.

There is a lot to take in at the Shiraz Bazaar, and like all bazaars, it is best experienced by plunging headfirst into the maze.

The Seray-e Mehr Teahouse within is a hidden gem with delicious food and tea, so if you have time, check it out (but very crowded at peak times)

2- Citadel of Karim Khan

This ancient fortress, located just in the heart of old Shiraz, is impossible to miss.

There is a certain beauty to its lovely reconstructed turret towers, especially in the right light and the lovely garden interior, even though it can't compare to the medieval sandcastle fortress of Bam further south.

Its most appealing aspects can be seen from the outside day or night without having to pay a price, but if you choose to enter, you can explore more completely and visit the former bathhouse.

3- Persopolis

No vacation to Iran would be complete without visiting Persepolis, one of the greatest ancient monuments, and taking in all of its incredible attractions.

Built by architects from all throughout the ancient Achaemenid Empire, the size here beggars belief and you can roam for hours and hours and still be absolutely astounded.

An excellent place to watch the sunset is Mt. Rahmat, where you can see the entire area of ruins and desert bathed in a gentle crimson glow. Without visiting the fascinating Persepolis, a visit to Shiraz would be incomplete.

4- a lovely Qajar-era garden and building complex so named because of the orange trees that flank the main walkway.

A classic, albeit somewhat diminutive, Persian garden, the pavilion in the back is the primary attraction thanks to its stunning stained-glass windows, intricate mosaic designs, and dangerous European artwork. Best visited in the daylight, you will typically find it deserted and the palm tree's shade is ideal for relaxing and conversing.

5- Pink Mosque

The Pink Mosque of Shiraz, which is probably the most well-known and frequently photographed mosque in Iran, is a compelling incentive in and of itself to travel to Shiraz.

Best observed right after it opens when the rainbow shadow fills the entire space. However, you'll have to battle the crowds to get the best shot.

The Pink Mosque's major attraction is its kaleidoscope of color, but there are many more exquisite spaces and elements to admire, including a recently constructed, restored, and opened underground storage tunnel. You must take the opportunity to visit the Pink Mosque of Shiraz in person!

6- Pasargadae

Persopolis frequently casts a shadow on the ancient Pasargadae ruins, which were constructed in 546 BC by the forces of Cyrus the Great.

But let me be clear: Pasargadae is a destination in and of itself, with UNESCO World Heritage status and a prime location in the middle of a parched plateau.

This area is known as the home base of the first world empire to appreciate and include cultural diversity, even though the ruins from a different age may not be as stunning as those from Persopolis. Here, you'll find a big sky and a big ruin. practically 2,500 years ago!

7- Ghalat Town

Locals refer to Ghalat (or Qalaat), a dilapidated adobe mess of a settlement on the edge of the majestic Zagros Mountains, as the "Amsterdam of Iran."

The main attractions in Ghalat, despite the fact that marijuana cultivation has become very popular there, are mountain hikes, good food, and beautiful scenery.

You should not miss the opportunity to visit Grandma's House for some of the best meals you will ever taste in Iran. It is best avoided on the weekends when visitors from Shiraz make it a bit of a madhouse.

8- Shiraz Coffee Shop

Shiraz has just upped its game for caffeine distribution and a ton of hip coffee shops have sprung overnight, taking inspiration from the current coffee boom sweeping Tehran.

Shiraz coffee shops and cultural evolution are in process, and many more are anticipated to be set up in the near future.

They are ideal for visitors who want to learn about students and local culture or just to have a delicious cappuccino.

Check out the central Ferdowsi Cafe for a laid-back atmosphere right now, as well as the Cabin Cafe (a converted shipping container with views of the skyline) and Cafe Cup (a Starbucks/nightclub hybrid).

9- Shiraz Grand Hotel

The Shiraz Grand Hotel should be your first choice if you're willing to spend a lot on a hotel in Iran.

The Shiraz Grand Hotel is located in an amazing position physically cut into the rocky hillside with panoramic views of Shiraz that extend out below, while the downtown area of Shiraz is somewhat run-down and lifeless.

Visitors may make use of contemporary amenities including a spa, pool, and jacuzzi, an Instagram-worthy rooftop terrace, opulent suites, and a variety of contemporary and foreign restaurants at this hotel, which has a design unlike any other in Iran (or the globe).

There is unquestionably no finer Shiraz hotel for your stay than this one, which is only a short stroll from the Holy Quran gate.

10- Maharloo Lake / Pink Lake of Shiraz

Maharloo Lake, a seasonal salt lake in the mountains around Shiraz, is renowned as the Pink Lake of Shiraz because of the high salt concentrations that cause its brackish water in the late summer.

The remainder of the year, though, is just a lovely lake with a mountain backdrop and wonderful reflections, making it a budget-friendly day excursion from Shiraz.

11- Haft Khan Restaurant

The Haft Khan Restaurant is Shiraz's most opulent and stylish dining establishment. It is a massive complex with various cuisine and dining options on each story.

Take your camera because it's surprisingly reasonable and you'll want to take pictures of every floor, but my favorite is the stylish, white-furnished downstairs area with the traditional Persian cuisine and nightly live music.

On the top floor, you should definitely check out the cafe, fast-food level, and traditional fire ovens used to make bread.

This Shiraz restaurant is one that you will be proud to tell all your friends back home about because it is ideal for a romantic lunch or big groups of friends.

12- Mausoleum of Sayyed Mir Mohammad

You must visit this magnificent city shrine, the third-most sacred in the nation and devoted to one of Imam Reza's 17 brothers, to see the blue-tiled domes and mosaic artwork.

There is a free tour guide available, but he is not very helpful and does not speak good English, so you might want to arrive early to avoid having to utilize him.

The wonderful mirror prayer rooms are accessible if you can enter without a guide or, even better, with a local. You must stow your stuff (for free) nearby.

Shiraz Travel Information

Now that we've assisted you in making a list of things to do in Shiraz, we've also come up with a list of recommendations for dining establishments and lodging that fit every budget!

Accommodations in Shiraz

Accommodations in Shiraz

Shiraz, one of the most well-known cities in Iran, offers a wide range of lodging options. You can discover accommodations for any price range, whether you want opulent 5-star hotels or dirt-cheap hostels.

We consider ourselves to be in the market for "cheap, pleasant guesthouses" and would rather spend a little more money on a location that is safe, secure, and ideally has wifi and complimentary breakfast.

By no means are we aiming to go broke, but we've been backpacking on a tight budget for long enough to know that a few more bucks can go a long way in terms of quality. We ended ourselves at the Forough Boutique Hotel, and we have to admit that it was definitely the best place to stay in all of Iran.

Forough Boutique Hotel is truly a treasure of a place, tucked away in a slightly weird spot down a side street close to Niayesh Boutique Hotel (the most popular backpacker digs in town), but nevertheless, right in the heart of all the main attractions.

It is built around a sizable courtyard and decorated with exquisite carpets and tiles in true traditional Iranian fashion. In actuality, this location resembles an old mansion more than a hotel.

Restaurants In Shiraz

Shiraz has a ton of restaurants, but we struggled to locate one that was both good and reasonably priced, with the exception of one (at the bottom of this section).

We found that many of the traditional eateries in the downtown area were a little on the pricier side for us, so we ultimately turned to the tried-and-true classic, falafels.

On the plus side, we discovered some very delicious falafels! The finest ones we discovered were in a tiny kebab store on Loft Ali Khan Zand St, across from the bakery and right around the corner from our guesthouse.


The last thing I'll say to you is that Shiraz is one of Iran's most picturesque and historically significant provinces, and it also boasts the best tourist attractions and the best weather.

We advise you to visit this lovely city. The ideal method to see Shiraz is by automobile, but if you don't own a car, you may visit https://cafeerent.com/tourism and hire a car to take in the sights of this lovely city.

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