Iranian village of Masal

Iranian village of Masal

The green roof has maintained its beauty and tranquility while not yet being completely dominated by villa builders and sellers.

You should go to remote locations like Masal and Shanderman if you intend to get to the north of the country.

A worthwhile excursion is the lovely city in the province of Gilan, which has more than 70,000 hectares of forests and meadows.

The current location of the Shanbe Bazar was once known as Rudkenar (Shanbe Bazar is a kind of outdoor market working on Saturdays only).

The well-known market aided in the growth of Rudkenar, a tiny town, into a city. Following that, Bitem first received the official departments from Shanderman, which were then moved to Masal.

The main attractions in Masal are the rivers, which add beauty to the entire area. The principal rivers are Rud Morghak in Shanderman and Khalkai in Masal.

The 315-meter summit of Shah Moallem is where Khalkai starts, and 40 kilometers later, it reaches Masal.

White water rafting and kayaking are excellent activities on the rivers. The Khalkai River area has a park where you may enjoy a pleasant day with your family.

Masal's plain is 20 kilometers west of Fuamn and Sumee Sara and 50 kilometers northwest of Rasht. Winters are not brutally cold.

High humidity occasionally approaches 75%. It is advised against visiting during Shahrivar (September), when it is at its maximum.

If you ever have the chance to visit Masal, be sure to check out its waterfalls, including Views, Khun, Tuli Nesa, and Ramine, which are close to Elenzeh's vacation home in Shanderman.

Additionally, it offers tours of caves such Kalchal, Casali, and the historic Khandile Posht cave. Rock climbers would find Asbe Rise's stone wall to be the most exciting.

Competitions can be held nearby, nationally, or even internationally thanks to the tall rocks.

Professionals in this activity have the opportunity to go boating in the raging river down the rocks in addition to engaging in dangerous rock climbing activities.

On Masal

On Masal

Have you ever visited Masal? Have you ever been to Gilan? If you still don't know where Masal is or where in lovely Gilan it is, we must inform you that you are missing out on one of the most stunning locations in the north.

The Talesh Mountains are close to Masal. Literally translated, this city signifies a location near a mountain.

Therefore, it can be inferred that the city's name derives from the area around the Talshi mountains. One of the first human aspirations of seeing the clouds up close is Masal's incredible cloud ocean.

The boundless beauty and unrivaled might of God will astound everyone.

Masal is missing.

Imagine a charming tiny village that is surrounded by lush vegetation and the Khalkaei River. This charming little city is surrounded by towering waterfalls and lush forests, and exploring it is more like walking into a vibrant and appealing poster.

Gilan province contains the city of Masal. Mountains and trees that straddle a lovely river that rises in the Shah Moallem mountains surround the city.

It travels through a number of cities and villages until arriving at Manjil and Rudbar, where its beauty has been quadrupled.

One of the most famous tourist destinations is this lovely city. From Gilan's city center, it takes more than an hour to get to this city.

What place does Masal hold among the Gilan cities?


Rudkenar, or Masal as it is known today, was formerly a tiny village with bustling Saturday bazaars. Masal continues to develop and bloom, giving off an urban vibe thanks to these Saturday markets.

These days, one of the main factors contributing to Masal's prominence and appeal is its lovely summers.

The inhabitants of Masal converse in the charming Talshi language. Studying this language, which has survived the tangle of history, can be a superb introduction to Iran's earlier history and literature.

There are hardly many people living in Masal.

Inhabitants of Masal

An estimate of the population puts it over 14,000 people. People who live nearby and speak the local dialect are from Talesh. To find work, young people from this area have moved to Tehran. As a result, the locals are mostly elderly.

Due to the abundance of agricultural area, the people labor on farms. They cultivate crops on their fields, primarily rice. Additionally, the inhabitants breed domestic herds of animals. In addition, breeding silkworms and birds is also well-liked.

One of the peoples' economic traditions is the bazaar in Masal. The village hosts a fair every Saturday where locals can sell their handmade goods.

location of Masal

location of Masal

One of the most stunning and unspoiled northern areas in the nation is Masal. Masal is a region of foothills.

This has caused certain natural features that are exclusive to the country's northern areas to emerge.

Masal is surrounded by thick meadows and luxuriant greenery as far as the eye can see. Like other regions of the province, this one has a moderate temperature with humid conditions, yet because of its placement in a mountainous area, it naturally gets a little cooler and more mountainous.

On chilly days of the year, this area's average temperature ranges from 3 degrees to 28 degrees, with an annual average humidity of 80%.

The city of Masal's attractions

Masal is now a spotless and distinctive location that is, of course, a desirable travel destination for people who are interested thanks to all the aforementioned qualities.

The region's magnificent features can include things like meadows, summer and green spaces, thundering waterfalls, local landscapes, and holy sites.

Masal, however, has developed into one of the most well-liked and alluring tourist sites in the country's north as the area gains in popularity.

The unique geographic characteristics of Masal have produced a wealth of enchanting natural features for Masal.

beauties like waterfalls, caves, and luxuriant vegetation. Masal is surrounded by thick meadows and luxuriant greenery as far as the eye can see.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Masal?

From mid-spring until late summer, you should consider taking a trip to Masal. Masal is one of Gilan Iran's finest moments, as was previously said.

The seasons of spring and summer have beautiful weather. One of the nicest things you can do while visiting Masal is to visit the summer districts of the city.

It is a wonderful atmosphere to spend the summer or spring in the wooden cottages of this lush and mountainous area.

You can also view an ocean of clouds and fog surrounding you that will transport you to an otherworldly land if you get up very early in the morning and look out of the wooden cottages.


Rudkhan Castle

We can list a variety of shawls, night tents, mats, kilims, jajims, and wooden crafts as examples of the handicrafts produced in this city.

which Masal mementos are the most valuable. Shalma hamlet is where the province's wood industries got their start, and the regional traditional dolls have also been recorded on the national level.

Foods like halvah and bread like golden bread are among the keepsakes created and served in the villages and summers of this city, in addition to a variety of agricultural and dairy products.

regional cuisine

In this city, you can sample a range of northern and Gilani delicacies. A notable kebab with a distinctive flavor is Baghali Qatogh, Fesenjan Torsh, Torsho Tare with veggies, and Anar Bij with pomegranate seeds. Additionally, numerous dishes, including chochaq, are unique to the Gilan region.

They will all provide top-notch service in Masal restaurants. More than 170 varieties of regional cuisine are prepared in the Gilan cities.


One of the most well-known and cutting-edge hotels in this city is the Masoumi Hotel. But you should stay at its summers and Masal eco-lodges to learn more about the area and appreciate nature more.

A number of fully equipped villas with views of the forest and mountains are available in the tourist village of Masal, which is located outside of the city's bustle.

In the warm months, sleeping in wooden huts and pitching tents are both highly popular activities. You can become a member of Iran Destination and learn more about this magnificent city.

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Masal is among Iran's most stunning mountains and plains, it should also be noted. To be able to visit this location, you must first drive to Gilan City.

While there, you can enjoy your vacation by renting a car from website.

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