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Iran attractions

Iran is an important country in the Asian continent that receives a large number of tourists every year.

Iran's historical and natural attractions have made it an attractive tourist destination.

Considering the geographical extent of Iran, there are many attractions to see.

However, some of Iran's tourist attractions are more popular and you must see them. In this article, we will introduce these attractions, so stay with us.

Persepolis; the glory of the Persian Empire


Persepolis is the symbol of Iran in the world. This valuable historical attraction is related to the Achaemenid Empire period.

Persepolis was built in 518 BC. The construction of this building was ordered by the Achaemenid king Dariush.

Of course, the construction of Persepolis continued during the time of King Xerxes. Finally, after conquering Iran, Alexander the Great set fire to Persepolis.

This Achaemenid palace is located near Marvedasht city in Fars province. Some of the stone pillars of this palace are still standing and show the greatness of the Persian Empire.

Investigations show that the construction of Persepolis took more than 188 years.

This time shows the glory of Iran during the Achaemenid era. The tomb of Achaemenid kings is also located near Persepolis.

If you love huge and amazing historical monuments, Persepolis will undoubtedly be the best choice.

The huge capitals in Persepolis can take you back to 2,500 years ago. There are many inscriptions in this place, most of which are written in cuneiform.

Also, there are many reliefs in Persepolis that have recorded the images of ancient times. If you are planning to travel to Iran, be sure to include Persepolis in your list.

Naghsh-e-Jahan Square of Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the central cities of Iran that has valuable historical attractions.

These attractions are located in Naqsh-e- Jahan Square, which is located near each other. This field is rectangular.

The construction of this square dates back to the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid. There are various historical attractions on the four sides of this square.

Ali Qapu Mansion or Forty Pillar Palace is one of these attractions. This palace was the residence of Safavid kings.

If you enter Aali Qapu, you will see the magnificent architecture of the Safavid era.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is another attraction of Naqsh-e-jahan Square. This mosque was specially built for the royal family.

The unique tiles of this mosque can give you a new spirit. Apart from these cases, Imam Mosque and Sardar Qeysarieh are also located in Naqsh-e-Jahan square.

There are many shops in this square that are very suitable for buying Isfahan souvenirs.

In the middle of this square, there is a large pond that will multiply its beauty.

The construction of this beautiful square dates back to about 400 years ago. If you want to go to Iran, do not forget Isfahan and its attractions.

Isfahan is one of Iran's most popular tourist destinations, and any season is considered to be the best time to travel there.

But fall has emerged as one of the greatest times to visit Isfahan due to the breathtaking vistas it offers of the city and the freshness of the air at this time of year.

The holy shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad

holy shrine of Imam Reza

Visiting religious places is great for getting to know the culture of other nations.

If you also like religious places, you should go to the city of Mashhad in Iran.

The shrine of Imam Reza is located in this city. Imam Reza is the eighth Imam of Shia Muslims who is buried in this city.

For this reason, millions of people come to this shrine every year. On all religious occasions, this shrine is very crowded, and religious ceremonies are held with a large crowd.

You can see the art of Iranian architecture in the shrine of Imam Reza.

Since this is a religious shrine, a dome and a minaret were also built for it.

In this shrine, there is also the historic Goharshad Mosque, which was built hundreds of years ago.

The tomb of Ferdowsi, the great Iranian poet, is located in the city of Mashhad.

You can also visit this place. To be able to move more easily in Mashhad, it is better to use car rental services in this city.

Mashhad is a city that you will definitely enjoy traveling to.

Mashad's points of interest

The tomb of Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi, Kuh-e-Sangi Park, Mashhad Bazaar, Khajeh Rabi tomb, Hakim Omar Khayyam tomb, Kong village, Radkan tower, King's residence of Mashhad, Nader Shah tomb, and other places are among Mashhad's historical and touristic sites.

Historical windcatcher in Yazd

Yazd is one of the important cities on the Iranian plateau, which has a hot and dry climate.

Due to the proximity of the city of Yazd to the desert, hot weather prevails in it.

The city of Yazd has still preserved its historical context as in the past, which is why it is an excellent destination for tourism.

Currently, Yazd is the largest clay city in the world. The windcatchers of this city are world famous.

The task of windcatchers is to cool the air inside the house. Each windcatcher is considered a cooling system that is made with a special architecture.

The wind enters through the towers and reaches the pond inside the house, which finally creates cool air in the house.

If you want to see these beautiful towers up close, you must travel to Yazd city.

Of course, it is not only related to Yazd and can be seen in other southern cities of Iran as well.

The time of making the first windcatcher is not known, but this historical technology has been going on for hundreds of years.

Also, this city has hospitable people who will treat tourists the best. If you like to see a city with historical context, put Yazd on your list.

The religion of Iranian people before Islam was Zoroastrianism. For this reason, some Zoroastrians still live in this city.

The zoroastrian fire temple is their place of worship, which you can have a good visit.

The lengthy summer in Yazd often lasts from early June until early September.

Therefore, the best time to visit Yazd is during the winter and from early winter to early May.

Nasir al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz

Nasir al-Molk Mosque

The city of Shiraz is of interest to tourists due to its many touristic places.

One of the attractions of this city is the valuable architecture of Nasir al-Mulk Mosque.

The construction of this magnificent mosque dates back about 150 years ago.

As it is clear from the name of this mosque, Nasir al-Mulk built it. This building is also called the Pink Mosque.

When you enter this mosque, its different colors can surprise you.

The reflection of different colors has created a unique atmosphere that people enjoy seeing.

These beautiful colors are due to the windows installed in this mosque.

You can also see beautiful tiling in this historical attraction. Certainly, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is a unique Islamic masterpiece.

This mosque is located on Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street.

Considering that there are many tourist places in Shiraz, try to travel by car.

In this situation, renting a car will be a wise choice for you. If you go to Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, be sure to take a picture there.

Be sure that you will not see so much beauty in any place.

Golestan Palace in Tehran

Golestan Palace

Tehran has been chosen as the capital of Iran for more than 200 years.

For this reason, there are many historical collections in it. Tehran's Golestan Palace is one of the special attractions in Tehran.

The initial construction of this palace took place during the Safavid era of Shah Abbas.

With the rise of the Qajar dynasty, this palace became the residence of the kings.

Seven Qajar kings stayed in this palace during their reign. Currently, this palace has been turned into a museum and welcomes tourists every day.

The architecture of this building is Iranian-European, which has an unparalleled grandeur.

This complex has different parts such as Shams al-Amara and Talar Salam.

If you want to travel to Iran, usually your flight will be to Tehran.

When you enter Tehran, you can visit Golestan Palace. When you enter Golestan Palace, you will get acquainted with its royal architecture.

Being in a place where the kings of the past lived is very attractive, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

This beautiful palace is located on 15 Khordad Street in Tehran, which you can visit at certain times.

Fin Kashan Garden; Experience nature in the heart of the desert

Kashan is another historical city in Iran that has many attractions.

Fin Kashan Garden is one of the unique attractions that you must visit.

There are many mansions in this garden, each of which belongs to a historical period.

The main building of this garden was laid in the Safavid era, which grew in subsequent historical periods.

This garden has a very large area that reaches 33 thousand square meters.

Inside this garden, many water streams cool the air inside. If you go to Fin Kashan Garden in summer, you will be surprised by its coolness.

Due to the age of this garden, there are many strong trees in it. Also, in the beautiful atmosphere of this garden, all kinds of birds are present.

The singing of these birds will make you feel wonderful. In the beautiful city of Kashan, there are many historic mansions that you can visit.

Soltanieh Dome; The largest clay dome in the world

Soltanieh Dome

Soltanieh is a small town in Zanjan province, but it houses the world's largest adobe dome.

Soltanieh Dome is one of the highest historical buildings in the world.

This building was built by Sultan Muhammad Khudabandeh in 1302 AD. At that time, Soltanieh was the capital of Iran.

This tourist attraction is about 48 meters, which has special glory. Blue tiles are used on the dome.

Due to the Islamic nature of this building, verses of the Quran can be seen in different parts of it.

Soltanieh dome took more than 10 years to build. This valuable attraction is the result of the efforts of more than 3000 workers.

The interior architecture of Soltanieh Dome is also very amazing and will surprise you.

Unfortunately, most of the minarets of this building have been destroyed.

However, its beautiful dome is still standing and has preserved its beauty.

This dome is located near the city of Zanjan. Zanjan city also has many tourist attractions that you can see.

The historical and strange village of Kandovan

village of Kandovan

If you like to see a village with unique architecture, you should go to Kandovan.

This village is located near the city of Tabriz. Kandovan is built in the heart of the mountain.

Humans have carved the mountain and built a house for themselves. Currently, more than 100 families live in this historic village.

The history of life in this village dates back 7 thousand years ago.

This village was built in the heart of volcanic lava, which is why it has a different architecture.

If you want to see the stone houses up close, it is better to go to Kandovan. The houses of this village are very similar to a beehive, which gives it a lot of beauty.

The architecture of the houses is done in a way that is cool in the summer season.

It also keeps the house warm during the winter. Due to the unique charms of Kandovan, be sure to put it on your list.

Since this village is near the city of Tabriz, it is better to travel to Tabriz.

The historical market of Tabriz has many attractions, which is why many tourists visit it.

Kish, the Persian Gulf's pearl

Each year, many tourists are drawn to the small, picturesque island of Kish in the Persian Gulf. Kish Island is the most modern Iranian island in the Persian Gulf, covering an area of 90 square kilometers.

People seeking exhilarating and distinctive entertainment frequently choose Kish Island to create lifelong memories.

Kish attractions

The Greek ship, the Greek city of Harireh, Marjan Beach, Hur Cottage, Dolphin Park, Bird Garden, Kariz Underground City, Do Gonbad and Panj Badgir water storage, Simorgh Beach Park, Kohan Baghloo Village, Kish Fishing Park, Hindurabi Island, Turtle Beach, and numerous other activities are just a few of Kish's most alluring sights.

The home of the Seven Wonders is Qeshm


We arrive at Qeshm, one of the most renowned islands in our nation, which is magnificent and distinctive.

The largest island in Iran, Qeshm Island, has a rich history dating back to the Sassanid dynasty.

Many Iranians and visitors from other countries have long traveled to this magnificent island to enjoy its pure and lovely nature.

The Naz Islands, Hengam Island, Star Valley, mangrove forests, Qeshm Geopark, Chahkuh Strait, Kharbas Cave, Portuguese Castle, Bukho Plain, Qeshm Salt Cave, Naderi Castle, Tala Wells, Left historical port, Goran village, Tandisha valley, Lark island, and numerous other leisure and tourist destinations are among the attractions of Qeshm Qeshm Island.


Rasht is considered by Iranians to be the gateway to the Shomal, a region famous for its verdant hills and prodigious rainfall that is genuinely unique to Iran.

The town's prime location on the edge of the Caspian Sea, which also happens to bestow it with a number of fascinating qualities, enables the distinctive climatic conditions of the high ridges that surround it.

We're talking about the Soviet-themed items that belonged to Mirza Kouchak, a supporter of the Soviet Union, and the middle Shahrdari's leafy European-style facades.

However, it usually pays off to make the trip out to see the magnificent Golestan National Park, where Persian leopards live in the hazy woodlands.



The Medes, Assyrians, Persians, and Parthians all contributed to the construction of this formerly splendid city.

Even though it isn't the legendary metropolis it once was, the place still possesses all the culture one would anticipate from a place with such a rich history.

It is arguably best known as the site of Avicenna's Tomb, which honors and celebrates the life of the most renowned scientist in the Islamic world.

The Ali Sadr Cave, which has the largest in-cave lake in the world, and the inscriptions on the Ganjnameh that were written by the Darius and Xerxes of ancient Persia are just two more wonderful sites to discover.


Iran is one of the countries that has many tourist attractions.

Traveling to Iran will be a great experience for any tourist. In this blog, the most important tourist attractions of Iran were introduced.

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