Rudkhan castle in Fuman

Rudkhan castle in Fuman

A historical castle with a height of 665 to 715 meters above sea level is called Rudkhan Castle or Hesami Castle, and it is situated next to the same-named river.

It is a historic castle that is situated next to the same-named river.

According to some historians, the castle was built during the Sassanian Empire and the Muslim conquest of Persia.

According to some historians, the Sasanian period—during which the fortress was built—coincided with the Arab conquest of Iran.

The castle was renovated during the Seljuk era and served as one of the Ismaili campaign's bases.

The castle's entrance inscription, which is housed in the Rasht Treasures Museum, states that Sultan Hesamedin Amir Dabaj ibn Amir Alaeddin had the castle rebuilt between 918 and 921 AD.

This castle was divided into two sections: the Arg, which served as the ruler's residence and his harem, and the armory, which housed the soldiers' daily lives and military operations on two floors in the eastern portion of the castle.

There are 65 towers along the 1500 m-long castle walls.

The building's materials include brick, stone, mortar, and plaster.

There are steep loopholes embedded all over the walls and towers for lava pouring and shooting.

The utilization of ogee arches and other varieties of those, as well as brick and Chinese stone motifs, is an intriguing feature of the Rudkhan Castle's architecture.

Ladders and beautiful scenery on the path to the towers have added to this historic location's allure.

The Rookhan Castle's Past

Despite its extensive construction, the Rudkhan Castle was not discovered until 1830, when Mr. Alexander Borejko Chodzko, a Polish Iranologist, mentioned it in his books: "There is a fortress on a mountain over a river with the same name, two towers on either side, and an inscription on the entrance saying that this fortress was reconstructed between 918 and 921 by the order of Sultan Hesam al Din Amir Dabbah Ibn A

The sole historical record of the Rudkhan Castle that has been found to date is the inscription that Chodzko cited, which is held in the Museum of Rasht.

The Rookhan Castle's view

Regarding Rudkhan Castle's history, it should be noted that no place specifically mentions the building's actual construction date, and several theories regarding the structure's age abound.

The earliest construction of the stronghold is thought to have taken place between the late Sassanid and early Islamic periods.

In the Seljuk era, it was afterwards reconstructed.

The Ismailiun additionally utilized it as a military base to fight off Mogul invaders.

When Hedayat Khan, the ruler of Fuman, modified this castle in 1175 Hijri during his uprising against Karim Khan Zand, this fortress was still in use by many of the commanders of the Gilan region up until the Zand Era.

How many steps are there to the castle of Rudkhan?

The Rudkhan Castle is often referred to as the thousand-stair castle in myths and legends since the approach to get there involves ascending a lot of stairs.

In contrast to the 935 original stairs that were found during excavations, the magnificent Rudkhan Castle now requires visitors to ascend 1600 stairs.

The Rudkhan Castle Arcitecture

With 65 towers and 1500-meter walls, the Rudkhan Castle is built primarily of stone and bricks and occupies a space of around 2.6 hectares.

This castle is separated into two main sections: the fortress and the arsenal, which is the military section used for producing and storing munitions as well as housing soldiers.

The arsenal sits on the east side of the castle and is surrounded by numerous lightwells and windows that were used for keeping an eye on the surrounding area.

The stronghold is situated on the west side and is a two-story brick construction.

The building is divided into three sections because it is situated on two hills:

The eastern half is situated on a 670-meter-high hill and is divided from the other parts by a gate.

The prison, emergency gate, several barracks, and two sizable towers were all constructed as military structures.

The crucial portion: The main entrance gate is part of the castle's core area, which is situated on its lowest point.

The Rudkhan Castle Arcitecture

The western half has a gate, a water cistern, the governor's mansion, and residential buildings that are all situated on a steep slope.

There are watchtowers all along the castle's perimeter.

A space in the shape of an octagon with a dome ceiling and tiny windows for firing and observation atop each tower.

Two-story towers are common, and some of them contain amenities like chimneys and stoves.

The governor's mansion, which sits on the highest point of the Roodkhan Castle, is its most important feature.

It is two stories tall and has a balcony that overlooks the entire castle.

The best time to visit Rudkhan Castle

For many visitors, spring is the best time of year to visit this mediaeval fortress because of the freshness of the forest, the beauty of the blossoming trees, and the mild spring weather that make the Rudkhan Castle trekking a pleasant experience.

Rudkhan Castle is busier than usual during the summer because it is Iran's busiest travel season.

However, visiting the Rudkhan Castle during other seasons seems like a good idea given the warm and muggy conditions of the north of Iran in the summer.

If you are in the region during the summer, do not miss seeing this magnificent landmark.

The Rudkhan Castle in autumn offers a mesmerising beauty hidden in the centre of enormous trees with golden and orange autumn leaves.

You must be equipped and ready for this hiking trip because it rains and is foggy almost every day in the fall.

Because visiting the Rudkhan Castle in the winter is more adventurous than visiting it at other times of the year, you should be prepared and have a local guide with you.

Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the snow-covered silent forest and the mysterious beauty of the castle in winter.

Best Attractions in Rudkhan Castle

the forest's trails

The journey's beauty begins on the road. As you enter the Fuman's direct route, you will pass by picturesque landscapes with various tree species.

One of the most memorable trips for any traveller is the one that culminates in the incredible feeling of standing on a high hill in a lavish fortress and combines the enjoyment of taking in views of green forests with the adventure of ascending 1,000 steps.

Schloss Rudkhan

You will encounter welcoming locals on the way to the castle who are wearing traditional attire and making crafts.

Salute them and continue walking until you reach the Rudkhan castle's seductive wooden door.

Most days of the year, a layer of fog covers the castle, giving you the chance to picture yourself as a character in a Walt Disney production.

Pass the gate and look around the castle to find a stunning Sassanid-era building.

Informational resources for Rudkhan Castle Travel

Visit Rudkhan Castle when:

The first part of the year is the ideal time to visit Rudkhan Castle.

The Castle is especially breathtaking in the fall and winter, but due to the large number of steps, you might not be able to fully enjoy your visit.

Travel Advice

Wear hiking boots and lightweight clothing when visiting Rudkhan Castle.

A day's worth of supplies would fit in a bag because there are many amenities along the route.

Do not forget to bring your camera if you enjoy taking pictures of breathtaking landscapes.

Castle Rudkhan Description

There are two sections of Rudkhan Castle: Arg and Qorkhaneh.

Arg is a two-story structure made of brick that is situated in the western portion of this structure.

Two floors with many skylights and openings dominate the east side of the Qorkhaneh.

Between the castle and its deepest point, there is a spring as well.

There are twelve entrances, a prison, an emergency door, a bathroom, and a catchment in the castle's eastern section.

Twelve entrances, a spring, a pond, a reservoir, a cold storage, a bath, a royal water basin, and a number of residential structures encircled by towers and fortifications are all features of the western part.

The castle's forty watchtowers are surrounded by octagonal halls with domed arches.

The walls and towers are constructed with sloping openings that are used to pour molten material and fire missiles.

Since the castle's construction, no enemy has ever entered it, and they haven't been able to take it over either.

Castle Rudkhan geographical traits

Castle Rudkhan geographical traits

According to Stocklin's studies, Rudkhan Castle is composed of two phases of transformation, the first of which is related to the Precambrian - Paleozoic time with high metamorphic intensity and the second of which is related to the Mesozoic time with low absolute metamorphic intensity.

Geological surveys indicate that there is a good chance that this region has iron reserves.

There has reportedly been mining activity in the area for a long time. For instance, melting remnants are present here.


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