Hyundai Tucson Rental
Passenger Car

Hyundai Tucson Different Prices

3-14 Days: 1,220,000 Toman Daily
Over 14 Days: 1,100,000 Toman Daily
Minimum Rental Time: 3 Days

Intracity- 145,000 Toman per hour
Suburbs- 7,250 Toman per Km
IKA Transfer (Imam Khomeini International airport): 870,000 Toman

Wedding Car:
With Chauffeur: 1,700,000 Toman
Without Chauffeur: 1,200,000 Toman

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Reservation Type: Self-Driven
Wedding Car


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Tucson is one of the new blood SUVs of Hyundai which benefits various applicable amenities while it has 2 differentials as well.
All Tucson in Cafeerent is made of 2011-2017, in 2 colors, white and black; then they are so popular among SUVs.

About Renting Tucson
Hyundai Tucson, also named ix35, is equipped with 2000 cc engine power with 155 horsepower energy. Tucson’s seats have power controls with cooling and heating system. It has, also, spacious legroom so that the passengers won’t get tired in long distances and it is by far one of the reasons for this car being popular among self-driven rentals in Cafeerent.
Tucson’s third row seats have folding power so that a spacious and big cargo space is available for families to carry travel items. 10 airbags, electronic stability control, ABS vehicle stability AND downhill brake control (DBC) guarantee high safety driving by this incredible car. Its fuel efficiency which has good combined fuel consumption is only 8 liters which is one of the most fuel-efficient cars among SUVs.
Hyundai Company has applied many positive breakthroughs on 2017 Tucson by which it has changed to a fully loaded yet more attractive car. 2017 Tucson, has the benefit of turbocharger so that it has high-torque engine and better initial acceleration. For this, Tucson made 2011-2017 are of economic SUVs among rentals.

Rental Conditions of Tucson
Cafeerent provides opportunities for customers to rent Tucson in both self-driven, chauffeur-driven or wedding rentals. Stay with us to have a brief explanation on each.

• Age Restriction: Minimum 20 years old
• Driving License: Having driving license with at least 6 months validity
• Identification Documents: Lessors’ ID card
• Certification of Job Qualifications: Valid certification of employment or certificate of residence of lessor
• Cash Deposit or Bank Cheque: Providing a bank cheque or promissory note to the car value

In self-driven state, all consumption costs are borne by Cafeerent. Minimum renting time for Hyundai Tucson is 72 hours (3 days) and permitted distance is 200 Km.
It has to be noted that all the cars in Cafeerent are covered by vehicle body insurance. At the moment renting Tucson is available for Tehran and suburbs. (For further info. contact sales dept.)

To rent a chauffeur-driven Hyundai Tucson you don’t need to present any documents or any special guarantee, just announce your date and time, then the driver will be waiting for you at the specified time and date.

Wedding Car Rental:
Time Duration: 15 hours (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.)
Extra Payment per each Extra Hour: 100,000-300,000 Toman
Extra Cost for entering Tehran Suburbs: 100,000-300,000 Toman
If the customer aims to go out for suburbs like Kordan, Shahriar, Garmdarreh and etc. then it includes output cost of 100,000-300,000 Toman.

Renting wedding car accompanied with a driver is done through an official contract and with no documents needed. If customers ask for self-driven cars, they have to hand in a cheque to the value of the car. This is considered as a deposit and the cheque will be handed over after returning cars. In self-driven type of renting wedding cars, a legal representative of the company will accompany the lessor in another car till the end of the ceremony and taking back the car. To know about what cars are available for wedding ceremonies, click here.
For all wedding cars with driver, there is no need of providing any documents so that all the responsibilities are borne by Cafeerent’s driver.

Cafeerent’s Special Facilities for Young Couples

Cafeerent in wedding section, offers floral decoration for the cars too; then young couples at the time of choosing the car, can see floral decoration packages to select their favorite one as well. Cafeerent’s experts will be there for young couples to help with the proper design and floral harmony with the color and type of the car freely to choose the best package yet best price.

Insurance States of Tucson Rentals
Cafeerent, the only holder of car license from Ministry of Roads and Urban Developments of I.R.I, offers three types of insurance with the most various obligations. These three are: Basic, Golden and Diamond insurance. Basic insurance is free, moreover all the rental cars are insured with this type by default. Golden insurance for Tucson costs 230,000 Toman and Diamond one costs 350,000 Toman.

Technical Specifications and Equipment

Maximum Engine Power (Horsepower): 177 hp for 6000 round per minute
Maximum Speed (Kilometer/hour): 190
Speed Transmission System: 6 Automatic Tiptronic transmission
Fuel Tank Capacity(lit): 55 lit of Petrol
Trunk Space(lit): 420
Car’s Length 4410, 1820 width and 1655 height

Airbag: Front row, side, curtain airbag, total 10
Audio System: CD & MP3 reader, 4 speakers & 2 tuners, amplifier, subwoofer
Other Equipment: 4-wheel drive transmission system with ITCC, 6 Automatic Tiptronic transmission, ESP steering wheel, Seats leather cover, Front & rear seats heating system, light sensor, cruise control, side mirrors heating system, electrochromic mirror, panoramic ceiling, rear camera, parking sensor, air quality system, separate air conditioning for front row, humidity sensor, cabin’s air filter
Brakes: DBS downhill brake control, HAC hill-start assist control, ABS- Anti-lock braking system, ESP electronic stability program & EBD electronic brake force distribution, TCS traction control system.

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Your Point of View
Point of view

technical specifications Hyundai tucson

technical specifications
maximum motor power (hp)
177 اسب بخار در 6000 دور در دقیقه
maximum speed (km/h)
transmission system
6 دنده خودکار تیپ ترونیک
lenghth of car (mm)
4410 طول - 1820 عرض - 1655 ارتفاع
fuel tank capacity (Lit)
trunk capacity (Lit)
air bag
کیسه هوای سرنشینان جلو - جانبی - پرده‌ای - مجموعا 10 کیسه هوا
audio system
قابلیت پخش CD و MP3 – مجهز به 4 عدد اسپیکر و 2 عدد تیونر – آمپلی فایر - سابووفر
سیستم کنترل سرعت در هنگام آمدن از سراشیبی DBC - سیستم ترمز کمکی در هنگام حرکت در سطوح شیب‌دار HAC - سیستم کنترل پایداری الکتریکی ESP - ABS - سیستم کنترل لغزش در جاده‌ها TCS - EBD
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